Khloé Kardashian Is Not Happy That Kylie Jenner Is Their Mom’s New Favorite Daughter

Any well seasoned Keeping Up With The Kardashian fan knows that Kris Jenner definitely plays favorites. One of the shows most iconic moments was when Khloé, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian made Kris take a lie detector test.

During the test Khloé asked her mom if Kim was her favorite child. Obviously the lie detector test called Kris out and showed that Kim is in fact her favorite.

Oh yes how could any of us forget this beautiful moment. But it is not a secret that Khloé always called out her mom for having favorites and how they change depending on money. Some of Khloé’s best one liners from KUWTK is commenting on her mom’s shady favorites.


Khloé loves bringing up Kris’s 10% manager cut. Never forget season one when Kris was talking about how she wants Kim to pose for Playboy. Khloé quickly retorted “Of course you do because you get 10%. That is sick.”

Well it seems Kris has a new favorite child and it’s not Khloé and it’s definitely not Rob Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian

Yesterday Kylie Jenner and Kris were interviewed for Women’s Wear Daily about Kylie’s growing cosmetics business. Kylie revealed that Kylie Cosmetics has generated $420 million in sales in just over 18 months. She is also on track to become a $1 billion brand by 2022.

Kris was so excited about her shared digital cover with Kylie, as any mom would be. She posted a photo of it on Instagram with a lengthy caption praising her youngest child. A North West fan account shared the cover and jokingly wrote how Kris has a new favorite.

Turns out they weren’t wrong. Khloé commented on the fan accounts post “We are dead to her now.”


I love how much Khloé loves trolling her mom. Obviously she’s kidding. Khloé did just post a hot bikini selfie of Kris on her Instagram.

If anyone is going to take the new favorite child news badly it’s Kim. Sorry Kim!

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