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This Women With One Arm Has The Best Tinder Bio Ever


Coming up with a good Tinder bio is hard. It has to be funny, clever and hot enough to make people want to swipe right. It’s a tricky task.

Lauren managed to make her Tinder bio all of those things because she made fun of her one arm. The 20-year-old lost her arm about a year ago in a moped accident. She told BuzzFeed News how she was going too fast on her moped, lost control of it and hit the median in the road.

She flew off her moped and hit a sign that sliced her arm off. Her life was saved by a police officer who just received tourniquet training.

But now almost a year later Lauren uses comedy as part of her coping process. She posts a ton of hilarious jokes and stories about her one arm on Twitter.

And now Lauren is taking her jokes and very hot selfies to Tinder. Her bio has gone viral because of how funny it is. Her bio says, “Hands down the best catch on tinder. Face 10/10. Body 9/10. Personality 20/10. Arm 1/2.”

She also has “arms dealer” set as her job.

Her Tinder profile has gone viral. She says she was drunk when she typed it and didn’t even notice it went viral. She only realied when someone DM’ed her a Reddit post asking if it was her.

But now Lauren has suitors from all over who want to swipe right on her.

Looks like self deprecation and great photos is the best Tinder profile combination.

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