Disney-Obsessed Couple Took The Most Perfect ‘Tangled’ Themed Engagement Photos









Engaged couple Sarah and Gilbert didn’t have love at first sight like all those Disney movies promised.

The Disney loving couple were friends for years until they realized that they were perfect for each other. On their first official date they watched Up and have been together ever since.


While dating they found out that both of them loved all things Disney. Their first vacation together was to Disneyland. Now the two get annual passes to Disneyland despite living on the other side of California.

When the two finally got engaged they knew that their engagement photos had to be Disney themed. At first they just wanted to incorporate lanterns into their photos to give homage to Tangled.

Sarah and Gilbert were going to have photos taken at a nearby lantern festival, but it got cancelled last minute. Their photographer from White Rabbit Photo Boutique, Jenna saw how upset they were and pulled out all the stops for a full Tangled theme photo session. Jenna specializes in Disney themed wedding shoots so the photos are crazy realistic.


The photos are amazing and look like they were taken on a professional set. Certain key props from the movie were used in their photos like a frying pan, a mini horse with flowers in its mane like Maximus and of course a boat with lanterns.


Sarah said when they were shooting the boat and lantern photos “I See the Light” started playing from the movie and that’s when she got emotional. She said the song made her realize again how special Gilbert was to her. Aww.

Their engagement photos are truly magical. I wonder what they are going to do for their wedding photos?

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