Don’t Like Your Job? Move To One Of These States ASAP

In general, waking up every morning to go to work isn’t fun, but when you’re going to a job that you hate it’s much harder to be motivated in the morning. No matter how many cups of coffee you drink it just isn’t going to make you love your job.

It always seems like Friday can’t come soon enough, meanwhile Monday is always looming around the corner. Having a job you don’t like is exhausting and not fun. You deserve to have a job you love.

When looking for your first job post-grad don’t settle for the first job you’re offered. Make sure it is something you love. If you’re not sure what you want to do after school then this list is going to be really helpful.

Sokanu, a career matching platform, compiled data from more than 250,000 American workers. Their goal? To find out which states have the happiest and unhappiest employees. When you’re looking for jobs post-grad make sure to check this list for some guaranteed happiness.


States With The Most Satisfied Workers

1. Hawaii

2. West Virginia

3. Maine

4. Nevada

5. Kansas

States With The Least Satisfied Workers

46. New Mexico

47. Pennsylvania

48. Washington

49. Rhode Island

50. Vermont

Most Satisfying Jobs

1. Film Director

2. Athlete

3. DJ

4. Choreographer

5. Video Game Designer

Least Satisfying Jobs

1. Debt Collector

2. Postal Service Clerk

3. Janitor

4. Lab Technician

5. Telemarketer


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