This College Student’s Dorm Room Is So Extra It’ll Make You Jealous

Making your dorm room look and feel like home is always a struggle. Some people just throw up a few posters and Christmas lights and call it a day. While other students go above and beyond when decorating their dorm room.

But Tamia Barnes took her dorm room to a whole new level. The sophomore at Alabama A&M University dorm room will put everyone else to shame.

Tamia is a resident assistant so she gets her own room. Her room is huge. It was probably mean to be a double, you can tell by the two desks she has.

Tamia wanted her dorm room to remind her of her bedroom at home. The transformation is so extra.

For starters the  purple and pink ambience lighting! But once you get past that, the massive bed with a headboard and a million pillows! You can see one of her desks in this photo, which is her studying desk. She showed BuzzFeed News more photos of her room.

BuzzFeed News

There’s her second desk. She converted it into a vanity. Seriously, she has three mirrors at her vanity. The long one, the one with LED lights and then a small magnifying mirror. Tamia said she made the light up mirror. She bought LED lights from a dollar store and glued them on to the mirror she bought from Walmart. This is the ideal setup.

Her room doesn’t stop there. Tamia also has her very own bathroom because she is an RA. Having your own bathroom in college is like finding the golden ticket. Of course her bathroom is perfectly decorated too. She has art work hanging up and a cute shower curtain.

BuzzFeed News

I have never been jealous of a dorm room before, but here we are! And I’m not the only one. When Tamia posted her room on Twitter people were shocked.

Her mentions are currently filled with questions about where she bought all of her decor. Tamia’s dorm is definitely #DormRoomGoals.


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