This Is The Unexpected Age Women Have The Most Body Confidence

While our society has been trained to view wrinkles and sun spots as unattractive, women do not feel their most beautiful when they are at their most youthful, a new study finds.

U.K. fashion company M&Co surveyed 1,300 women on their swimwear preferences, and made some surprising finds — most notably, that older women have more body confidence than younger women do.

The average score in body confidence was five out of 10 for women of all ages, but women ages 65 to 74 rated their confidence a six out of 10, higher than the average of other age groups.

The study also found that 51 percent of women in that age range say they have more important things to worry about than having a “dream bikini body,” which could account for actually feeling better in a swimsuit.

Of course, the notion that older women have more body confidence isn’t a new one. Allure notes that in 2015 Gallup reported that two-thirds of Americans over the age of 65 “agreed” that they always felt good about their physical appearance. This is not at all accurate for women in their 20s or for women who are middle aged, who have the lowest body positivity rating of all age groups.

If — despite the unrelenting media attention to body positivity — you still don’t love yourself in a swimsuit, chin up. Statistics say you’ll feel better with age.

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