A Night Out, As Told By Chrissy Teigen









The world loves Chrissy Teigen and for good reason. She is an absolute riot and her tweets are out of this world.

For someone who has it all going for her, what everyone seems to love the most about her is her disarming humility, amazing sense of humor and the fact that she constantly pokes fun at herself.

Her posts on social media are almost as random and laughable as the weird moments you had during your last night out, so who better to tell the story than Chrissy Teigen and her trusty tweets, memes and snaps?

Here is what a night out looks like as told by the Twitter queen herself.

It’s Thursday night and you’ve already decided you want to stay in.

But then your best friend texts you asking if you’re coming out and you’re easily convinced….

You hop in the shower to start the nightly routine of making yourself fabulous, but it’s never as easy as it seems.

It’s really one of those nights. You know, the ones when you don’t think you’re going to be able to get yourself together in time to make it out.

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You call your gals over for some backup.


Together, you magically pull it off and make sure to hype yourselves up while doing so.

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Now that you’re finally ready, it’s time to start drinking.

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But before you get too drunk, you want to make sure to get some cute “candid” pictures with the girls.

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And just like that the liquid courage has sunk it.

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Feeling hella confident, you’re headed to the bars.

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But of course, the second you walk in the one person you did not want to see tonight is already there.

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So you head to the dance floor and try to play it cool.

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It’s not too long before you spot another hottie at the bar.

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Still thankful for the buzz from your pregame, you confidently approach said hottie. Too bad you forgot that you are ungodly awful at flirting and you need to make a quick getaway, so you duck under the bar and run away.

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Your friends ask you what possibly came over you that would cause that awkward encounter and this is the best answer you can muster.

Just on cue, the late-night hunger kicks in and you know it’s time to trade guys for food.

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I mean seriously, who needs a dude to kiss when you can have that amazing burger?

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Because no night is truly complete without a trip to Mickey D’s.

But then the inhumane amount of food you just consumed starts sinking in and you are having major regrets.

And the next morning you have never related to a tweet on such a personal level.

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