Women Are Sharing Their ‘Girls Supporting Girls’ Stories On Twitter & It’s So Pure

This week, 18-year-old Anyssa Richardson shared a story on Twitter about a small but powerful gesture that for her represented “girls supporting girls.” She allegedly asked “this girl” where she got her nails done, and the girl in response not only told her, but googled the address for her and showed her the picture of the building.

“It was so cute, it made my day,” she told Buzzfeed. The tweet resonated with people and quickly went viral (at time of writing it has over 20,000 retweets.) Now, girls around the world are contributing their own examples of times girls went out of their way to help one another out.

i asked this girl where she got her nails done&she googled the exact address & showed me a pic of the building THATS girls supporting girls

— shit fuck (@rosyghoul) August 6, 2017

There are stories of girls in bathrooms.

I met a girl in the bathroom that told me I looked stressed and then gave me the bottle of vodka in her car bc I needed it more than her ✊🏻 https://t.co/JZmngrLzsW

— Kinzi Sewell (@Kinzii_Taylorr) August 8, 2017

There are retellings of generous gifts.

Once I complimented a girl i'd never met on her adorable flower patches and she said one would look cute on my hat so she gave it to me

— Becki ✨ (@Moonbearbeckle) August 8, 2017

This one time, I was at a gaming con on my birthday & when this girl I'd just met that day learned it was my bday she gave me a SWORD.

— Civy (Open for commissions) (@IvyVine009) August 10, 2017


There are times when girls were just trying to help each other look their best.

I asked a girl what lipstick she was wearing in a club bathroom and she pulled it out and applied it on me so nicely I love girls https://t.co/QnY9LukDBF

— Hallie Hall (@Hal_Bal9000) August 6, 2017

I asked a girl where did she cut her hair and she took an appointment for me and a discount at that hairdresser…girls support all the way!

— Hana Osman | هناء عثمان (@HanaOsman) August 8, 2017

Women also began drawing attention to life-saving examples of girls supporting girls, speaking out to prevent a possible sexual assault, to make each other feel safer, and to check to make sure they’re okay.

When fellow girls intervene when you’re trying to escape a creep hitting on you … THAT’S #GirlsSupportingGirls

— Rachel Wayne (@filmafic06) August 11, 2017

When it's 3 AM & my friends and I text each other after a night out to make sure we're all home safe #GirlsSupportingGirls

— Nabila ✨ (@_LoveforShantel) August 11, 2017

If you have a spare minute, scrolling through the submissions is worth it. It can often feel like our society pits women against one another, or that in order to rise in the ranks we must do so by stepping on each other. This viral tweet is just one more small example that supporting and lifting one another up  — in both tiny, seemingly innocuous ways and in brave, protective ways– is powerful, and has long-lasting consequences.

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