Say Goodbye To Rose Gold iPhones, Gone But Never Forgotten

Every year when Apple releases the newest iPhone model I swear that I’m not going to upgrade my phone. There is always a new feature that I don’t like and I boycott the phone, until my upgrade date rolls around.

Last year it was because the iPhone 7 had no headphone jack. But here I am with a iPhone 7+ making due. But I may actually stick to my boycott this year. Rumors are circulating that the iPhone 8 will not come in rose gold.

Does Apple really think their actions won’t have consequences? Rose is having a huge moment. We are living in the pinnacle of rose and they are going to get rid of their pink phone?

rose wine

YouTuber Danny Winget claims to have the final prototype dummies of the iPhones 8. He showed off the prototypes on his YouTube channel.

In his video he only has three iPhones. He claims that the new phone will come in black, silver/white and bronze. He says that the bronze copper colored phone is much darker than the rose gold and it is ugly.

The drastic color change is going to be to focal point of the new iPhone 8. It’s going to over shadow the new camera dual set up, the larger screen and new front facing camera.

Lets hope this rumor isn’t true and rose gold isn’t dead.


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