Time Magazine Made Up A Viral Millennial Saying & Millennials Are Not Happy


Millennials and avocados go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly or milk and cookies.

Yes, millennials are a huge factor in the rise of the smooth creamy green fruit, but that doesn’t mean every joke about an avocado is a millennial joke.

TIME magazine thinks otherwise. They claim that the saying ‘hold my avocado’ is the new viral millennial saying.

Well it’s not TIME!

The publication saw Ken Norton’s tweet that said ‘hold my avocado’ and presto now it’s a viral saying.

His tweet was making fun of Baby Boomer’s, The Cold War, Trump and the impending nuclear war with North Korea. Amazing.

TIME weirdly broke down his tweet saying it’s a riff on the saying “hold my beer” while also a “quick way to denote the contemporary millennial experience.” Um, what? TIME it was just a tweet. Do they not know what viral means? One person tweeting “hold my avocado” does not make it viral.

Millennials are not saying “hold my avocado” and they naturally came for TIME for making this up. TIME truly doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to be roasted on Twitter by the generation that grew up on Twitter.

Ken has spoken out about TIME‘s article about his tweet. He has even joined in on the roasting of TIME‘s attempt to create content about millennials.

Turns out Ken isn’t even a millennial.

Please leave millennials and avocados alone.


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