Kristen Bell Reveals The Adorable Way She & Dax Shepard Parent By Example

The news of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris splitting felt oddly personal to many of us. In some ways, it was like the impossible had happened; our universe had at long last decided that we are no longer worthy of joy, and that we are condemned to suffer in bleak, loveless existence without even the stability of our imagined parents to keep us afloat.

Thankfully, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard still exist.

In a new interview, Bell talks Shepard’s strategies for fighting in front of their kids, and they are both clever and enough to make you (hesitantly) take steps towards believing in love again.

When the two communicative saviors fight, they try to make up publicly in an effort to teach their kids how to apologize and resolve conflict. Bell explains the idea in-depth:

“We always make an effort to make them see. So the next morning I’ll say, ‘Hey, you know what Dad, I’m really sorry I was so frustrated yesterday when you were bringing in the groceries. I could have had a nicer tone in my voice.’ And he would say, ‘Thanks for saying that, Mom, I know you were stressed.’ And we let our kids see how to solve conflict and that was his idea. And if we don’t genuinely wake up like that in front of each other, we will write the script to make them see.”

“It’s cute, right?” 1/2 of the Beacon of Hope posed to Us Weekly, as if that could be possible to dispute. “That’s Dax Shepard’s parenting skills right there. He who has not read a single parenting book. I, who have read most of them, and he comes up with the golden gems. Can you believe this guy?”

*adopts Liam Neeson voice from Taken* You are all we have left. Stay perfect, for all of our sakes.

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