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Mondays, As Told By ‘The Bachelorette’


Mondays are hard. You have to wake up early after two days of as much sleep as you want, you only have 30 minutes for lunch instead of sitting in bed eating everything and you have to sit at your desk instead of sitting on the beach. We get it. There is that shimmering hope of The Bachelorette, The Bachelor or Bachelor In Paradise at the end of the night, but the hours getting there can be rough.

Here is our usual Monday, as told by The Bachelorette‘s Rachel Lindsay.

When the line at Starbucks is moving at a glacial pace and you realize you aren’t going to be able to get your morning coffee and be at work on time.

When your boss corrects something in your work but you know that you were right and you still have to redo everything.

When your weekend hookup doesn’t text you back even after a really great time.

When you take an extra long lunch break and you are like #sorrynotsorry but you still have apologize to your boss.

When you have to stay 10 minutes late to finish all your work.

When someone at the office asks you about your weekend but you are still a little too hungover to fully communicate.

When someone at the office asks you why you need to be asked to do something ten times before getting it right.

And finally, when it is the end of the day and you get to go home, put your yoga pants on, order pizza, crack open the rosé and watch Bachelor In Paradise.

We’ll do it all again next week, but we probably won’t handle it quite as well as Rachel. We miss her already. Thank God for Paradise.

Shivani Gonzalez is an editorial intern at College Candy. Originally from Upstate New York but going to school in Canada, Shivani is pursuing a BA in Political Studies from Queen's University. Most importantly, she is obsessed with all things pop culture.