Badass Woman Survives For A MONTH In The Woods

Lisa Theris went missing a month ago and was found alive thanks to her survival instincts.

She got lost in the thousands of acres of Midland, Alabama’s wilderness. She survived by eating berries and wild mushrooms.

Daily Mail

Lisa finally walked her way to the side of a highway where a women spotted her and called law enforcement. When she was found she was dirty, covered in bug bites and scratches and 50 pounds lighter.

Daily Mail

The 25-year-old told police that she was with two men who broke into a hunting lodge in Midway. She didn’t want to be part of the robbery so she ran away even though she wasn’t familiar with the area.

Daily Mail

The two men were arrested after they stole $40,000 worth of items from the lodge and were considered persons of interest in Lisa’s disappearance.

Once she was found she was immediately taken to the hospital were she was treated. She survived by eating berries and wild mushrooms and drinking out of puddles and brooks. Her starvation made her delirious and exhausted. This made seeking for help and finding her way even harder.

The police haven’t interrogated her yet because of her health. They are all just happy that she is alive. Lisa is headed back to Louisville to be with her family during her recovery.


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