This Two-Year-Old’s Rant About Starting Preschool Is All Of Us

It’s almost the end of August, which means school is about to start. Going back to college is a tease. You’re excited to be back on campus and with your friends, but after syllabus week reality starts to set in.

arrested development

This two-year old had a rude awakening when she found out her mom signed her up for preschool. To say that Mila Stauffer is not please with going to school is an understatement.

Her mom Katie posted on her Instagram a hilarious video of Mila complaining about all the struggles of preschool.

While wearing a princess dress and space buns, Mila cozied up on the couch with a bag of popcorn and spilled some tea about the truth of preschool.

Her biggest complaint was that she wanted to go to law school not preschool. Oh sweetie, you have such a long way until law school.

The video is beyond cute and hilarious. It’s clearly scripted because the amount of buzz words used is too many for a two-year-old to know. But Mila’s delivery is iconic.

I shouldn’t be relating to a two-year-old so much, but the struggle is real. If only I could yell out “Nap time!” when my classmates were being annoying.



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