Parents Just Discovered Venmo & Are Roasting Their Kids Through Transactions

Venmo is a necessity when in college and just life in general. It makes splitting apartment utilities and food bills so much easier. Any young person has Venmo or at least some other money wiring app. They’re a staple now.


Venmo is by no means a new app. It’s been around for so long that it’s a verb like Uber. I don’t say I’m going to send you money, I just say “I’ll Venmo you right now.”

Like always parents are late to the game. It seems that every parent just discovered Venmo at the same time. Was it on the news recently? Why is this happening? Do they know what Uber is now too? Have they all made Snapchats?

Venmo is a sacred place where we can send our friends money for french fries but make the transaction memo, “Thanks for the good time 😉 🍆.” But now with parents lurking through Venmo feeds we have some explaining to do.

My mom discovered venmo for my bills….. but, she also has been made aware of every illegal transaction I've had in the past year.

— Ryan Pineda ⚡️11-3⚡️ (@ryanpineda) March 7, 2017

little does my dad know that all i use venmo for is food:/

— torrie kim (@toratheexplorah) July 26, 2017

well, my dad now has a venmo …

— jean (@jeanametcalf) July 20, 2017

But mostly parents are using Venmo to roast their kids.

My dad was just introduced to Venmo and it's the worst thing ever. He just requested $50 for "2001 tee ball registration fee"

— Adam Jacob (@Adamjacobbbb) August 15, 2017

My dad got a venmo..

— Jordan Strong (@jordan_strong14) August 12, 2017

Tell my dad to get venmo and this is what happens

— Logan Seitz (@seeTheSeitz) August 4, 2017

My mom politely dragging me on venmo of all places

— Dua P Johnson (@casholic) July 30, 2017

When your mom roasts you via venmo -__-

— MeeshyTrillCakes (@MichelleChardd) July 24, 2017

I think my mom getting a Venmo was the best thing that could've happened for me lmao

— Maddie Harris (@mh20maji20) August 11, 2017

Then there’s the one parent who knows what Venmo is really for.

Parent’s are great and we love them, but I don’t need my parents knowing what I’m recklessly spending my money on.

Every Venmo transaction memo from now on is going to say “Bills” or “Charity donation.”


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