7 Sorority Recruitment Videos That Will Make You Cringe









It’s that time of year again. No not the beginning of school, but the beginning of sorority recruitment.

Anyone who has been through recruitment knows that it’s a lot of work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Rho Gamma, freshmen rushing or part of your sorority’s recruitment team.

Recruitment videos are now a staple among sororities. They have become super high budget videos capturing all the fun, glamour and friendship each sorority has to offer you.

Most of the videos all look the same. The girls are dancing around in bikinis or srat clothes, laughing, smiling and throwing what they know. There are shots of the house and of course a flag of the school’s logo or the sorority letters.

The videos can be overwhelming with how perfectly manicured they all look. But sometimes the recruitment videos aren’t picture perfect and seem more cringe worthy.

Alpha Delta Pi – University of Texas at Austin

This is the thing of nightmares. The video starts innocently enough with board members of the sorority talking and then they open the door and just…no thank you. The video is so jarring it’s funny.


Alpha Phi – Arizona State University

This video is estimated to cost $200,000 or more. They took a private helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and went on a hot air balloon ride! Come on now, that is ridiculous. This video is worth a couple college tuitions.


Delta Gamma – Florida State University

This video is so scripted you’ll definitely cringe. The whole video is dedicated to the DG girls exclaiming their love of philanthropy. The girls glide down the stairs and all sit down for one on one interviews where they deliver lines about how they only joined a sorority for the charity work.


Phi Mu – University of Alabama

All I got from this video is that they love crafts. Obviously crafting is a huge part of Greek life. You have to make paddles, gifts for you big and little and maybe one or two coolers. But this is too much, it looks like a Pintrest campaign. Also their house has a private pool.


Alpha Phi

This is another terrifying recruitment video that is supposed to be inviting but it just makes you want to run away. The camera pans down to the door way of the Alpha Phi’s house with every sister crammed in the frame. They immediately start chanting and bouncing up and down. Truly a sight to behold.


Delta Gamma – Ohio State University

This video is so unrealistic it’s hilarious. The video is depicting a regular day as a DG sister at OSU. If you join this sorority you’ll be tanning while studying on the roof daily in Ohio, reading books in the formal sitting room and breaking into a choreographed dance in the front lawn.


Panhellenic Board – University of Alabama

Panhellenic Board is the main Greek life council. This is UA’s sorority rush week video that all the sororities were involved with making. This is just a reminder than rapping is a skill that most people don’t have.


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