Taylor Swift Sent Flowers To The Company Who Made Post-It Signs During Her Trial









During Taylor Swift‘s sexual assault trial her fans were out in full force.

There were fans waiting in line to get a coveted seat in the court house and fans surrounding the building. Her fans were doing anything to show their support during Taylor’s hard time.

One company went above and beyond to show support.

Craftsy’s office is right across from the court house. Every day they would create an empowering message out of Post-It notes and show it on the window overlooking the court house.


The company would post quotes from famous Tswift songs and their own creative sayings. They would change the sign every day.


Craftsy quickly became a sensation. Their window messages popping up all over from the news and fans.

It looks like Taylor noticed their support too. The singer sent the company a whole bunch of flowers today thanking them for the love and support.

Taylor has been thanking all of her fans after her trial. Not only did she win the trial, but she has broken her media silence.

After the trial she made a statement saying that she is going to donate to organizations that help with sexual assault victims legal issues.

She broke her silence on Tumblr by liking a post about how a father brought his 10-year-old daughter to the trial. He said he brought his daughter to further their conversation about sexual assault.

Hopefully we will get a new album soon.

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