The Top 5 Biggest Social Media Influencers Of Bachelor Nation

It is no surprise that many contestants go on The Bachelorette/The Bachelor to develop an online presence and get their name out there. Some do it more successfully than others, making a lot of money with sponsored content, brand collaborations, podcasts and TV show appearances.

Here is a breakdown of the top Bachelor nation earners and influencers based on their respective social media followings.

1. Jojo Fletcher

Followers: 2.2 million

While it makes sense that being the lead on The Bachelorette would get you a good amount of social media followers, Fletcher’s is much higher than other Bachelorette leads Rachel Lindsay and Desiree Hartsock and slightly higher than that of Kaitlyn Bristowe.

In terms of paid advertisements, Fletcher posts a lot less than other members of the franchise, which is surprising considering her massive following.

In the recent past, Fletcher has posted about the St. Ives Mixing Bar, Fab Fit Fun, Mochi Swim, McDonald’s and PONDS. Of these posts, she has been a partner with the St. Ives Mixing Bar and PONDS, which means that she isn’t necessarily just being paid to post but actually just works with the company or could potentially create her own products in the future. FabFitFun and McDonald’s were paid posts, which means she is paid a certain amount of money for each post. Mochi Swim is a modeling job that Fletcher was able to do with Becca Tilley because she is known as a social media influencer and that looks good for the company.

Fletcher has also worked red carpet events for Extra in collaboration with iHeart.

Otherwise, Fletcher lives a pretty under the radar life and has been working on flipping houses, which is something that she loved to do before the show began.

Estimated Net Worth: $400,000

2. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Followers: 1.6 Million

Considering Bristowe is our favorite and the most down to earth Bachelorette, it makes sense that she would not have tons of social media advertisements on her Instagram and instead most likely garnered that many followers because of her insane likability.

The brands she has posted about on social media include Joey’s Restaurant and Steam Whistle Brewing Company, Style Code Live, Ova Egg Freezing and MVMT.

It is likely that for all of these, with the exception of Ova Egg Freezing, Bristowe was paid per post. Ova Egg Freezing is an exception because the company is run by former Bachelor winner Whitney Bishoff and, while it is likely that she got the procedure for free in exchange for advertisement, she still does legitimately support the company.

Currently, Bristowe has her own podcast, “Off the Vine,” and works with her fianceé Shawn Boothe to promote his workout classes, City Strong. Her podcast also features a number of paid advertisements.

Estimated Net Worth: $1.5 million

3. Ben Higgins

Followers: 1.4 million

Ben Higgins, aka Mr. Perfect, was a fan favorite even back before he was the Bachelor, when he was just on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, so it is not too surprising that this sentiment is represented on social media.

Higgins actually doesn’t post any paid content and instead uses Instagram to promote companies that he works with or is a part of. These include The Hope & Love and Humanity & Hope. He also uses the platform to advertise his own projects — Generous Coffee and his blog, Mahogany Workplace Creative. Even though he garnered lots of fame from being the lead on The Bachelor, he has continued working at the same job he had before the show, as a business analyst in Denver, Colorado, which makes him an estimated $65,000 a year.

He also just finished the first season of his podcast with fellow Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconneti, “The Almost Famous Podcast,” which advertises different products including FabFitFun and BioClarity.

Estimated Net Worth: $600,000

4. Lauren Bushnell

Followers: 1.3 Million

Bushnell was the winner of Ben Higgins’ season but recently called off her engagement with Mr. Perfect. Bushnell was not a massive fan favorite when she was on the show but has garnered lots of fame since. Bushnell is big on sponsored posts and the brands she advertises for include Lullbed, Diffy Eyewear, Ivory Ella, ColourPop Cosmetics, JTV, FabFitFun and Soda Stream. These are only the brands that she has posted about just in the last couple months.

In addition to her sponsored posts, she has her own blog,, which works with different brands to promote certain items.

Estimated Net Worth: $200,000

5. Becca Tilley

Followers: 1.1 Million

If there happened to be a queen of the sponsored posts, Tilley would be the winner.

Tilley became popular as the runner-up on Chris Soules’ season and returned but didn’t get very far on Ben Higgins’ season.

On her Instagram, she posts paid content for Juicy Couture, Sole Society, Premier Protein, BKR, Lay’s Chips, McDonald’s, Jet Smarter, Kerastase, Postmates, Copa Airlines, Estee Lauder,and Caila by Carrie – and these were just in the last three months.

All of these companies pay Tilley for each post that she puts up for them.

She also has a blog,

Estimated Net Worth: $100,000

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