Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me About French Montana’s Hot Younger Brother?











Finding out someone has a hot brother is always a treat. If it’s a friend or a fave celeb, it usually means that not only do you get along with them automatically due to a sense of loyalty and allegiance, it also means that you get to look at them often. It’s a win/win.

Now, was anyone really expecting Lindsay Lohan to have a hot younger brother? No, but it didn’t come as a total shock. Lindsay is beautiful, the surprise was more so that she had a brother who we hadn’t yet seen very much of, especially in light of Lilo’s relatively overexposed lifestyle.

French Montana having an extremely hot brother is shocking. No shade to French, but he may have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to his brother. Also, there is another brother who is good looking in the fam as well, but one at a time, people.

French’s brother is named Zack Kharbouch, but he goes by Cokeboy Zack (nobody’s perfect!) and is a rapper himself. Zack is also the president of Cokeboy Records and there were rumors that he was dating Amber Rose, who is good friends with French. Hopefully, he’s single now.

So, enjoy the surprise. Here are Zack’s hottest photos from Instagram. French who?

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