Cadbury Chocolate-Covered Oreos Exist Now, But There’s A Catch

A chocolate sandwich filled with creme filling may be a reliable staple, but Cadbury has now taken Oreo up so many notches that the original is just a tiny muddy brown spot, hazy in the distance.

Cadbury and Oreo are partnering together to bring us Cadbury Coated Oreos, Oreo cookies dipped in smooth, luscious Cadbury chocolate. While it’s a simple and self-explanatory concept, this feels as revolutionary and as right as peanut butter + chocolate. Hallie + Annie. ┬áRory + Jess (don’t @ me.)

A pack of 12 cookies is surprisingly affordable at $3.80 Australian dollars, but the new release is for now restricted to sunny Australia, PopSugar reports.

If you aren’t in Australia, you may have to DIY your own with Cadbury chocolate bars and Oreos, or take the most extra vacation in the world. Here’s hoping it graces the states soon.

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