There Is Now A Unicorn Oreo & I Hate Myself For Wanting One

Oreo has debuted a wide array of peculiar flavors beyond the classic chocolate cookie and creme wafer in recent years, from Swedish fish (which literally no one asked for) to the Leslie Knope special, waffles and syrup.

Now, Oreo is taking a page from other companies in asking fans to invent their own cookie flavors using the #MyOreoCreation hashtag on Twitter. Fan responses vary from the clever (piña colada, tiramisu, PB&J) to the absurd (sriracha, Youtuber Jake Paul.)

The winner will have their flavor mass-produced in stores across the United States and will win half a million dollars — and while there can only be one winner, Oreo is creating some of the ideas and sending users samples to thank them for loaning their creative process.

The company has created prototypes for coffee, cherry Cola, carrot cake, galaxy, avocado, and unicorn already, Teen Vogue reports..

While avocado is gonna be a no for me dawg, I am suppressing my basest (or basic-est) desire to sample unicorn, which is composed of pink and purple swirls of blueberry and raspberry creme between chocolate cookies.

The contest runs through the summer and Oreo will continue to send packages to inventors through mid-July, so feel free to enter. Who knows how “Oreo Flavor Connoisseur” would look on your resume? (Okay, probably not great.)

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