This Dog Owner Built His Dog Its Very Own Mini Bedroom

Your dog has nothing on this little doggo.

A Twitter user by the name of Al tweeted pictures of a dog bedroom that their brother built for his pup.

The brother literally tore down the wall underneath his stairs, put up dry wall, painted, put in a light and hung up framed photos for his dog’s mini bedroom.

It all looks worth it when the dog is cuddled up on his bed in his very own room.

Doesn’t the dog look so comfy and happy?

From the replies I found out that the other white dog in the photos was his brother that died a few years ago. The owner hung them up because memories never die! I’m not crying, there is something in my eye.

The owner also hung up photos oh himself too. So cute.

His food and water bowl are right outside his room, which is the ideal location. Literally all he needs is right there!

I never knew a room under the stairs could look so nice thanks to Harry Potter.

Twitter users loved the doggo centered renovation.

Users are sharing their own dogs rooms and some of them rival Al’s brother’s.

The room is his own literal sanctuary. The DIY project is for sure to inspire other dog owners.

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