These Boys Are Protesting Their High School’s Sexist Dress Code In The Best Way

Up to 50 students at San Benito High School were given dress code violations for wearing off the shoulder tops.

The California high school rolled out the violations even though according to one student last year they didn’t care. She said last year that she wore those tops all the time and so did many other students.

In solidarity with their female classmates male students have been wearing off the shoulder tops to protest the high school’s dress code policy. And their protest seems to be working.

San Benito High School principal Adrian Ramirez told Yahoo! Style that the protest has been educational. He said that about 20 to 25 small groups of students have come to talk to him about their schools sexist dress codes.

The high school’s dress code bans tube tops and strapless shirts. But right now off the shoulder tops are very in and technically they have sleeves. The sleeves are just off the shoulder.

The boys dress code protest has gone viral thanks to Twitter. Ā Students have been tweeting pictures of the boys in the tops and encouraging conversation about why the dress codes policy is sexist.

That last tweet exposed some major tea from the school.

Lets hope San Benito High School changes their dress code. Shoutout to the male students for sticking up for their female classmates.

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