Did You Damage Your Eyes During The Eclipse? Here’s How To Know For Sure







The Great American Solar Eclipse made it’s way from sea to shining sea yesterday. This was the first coast to coast eclipse in America in about 100 years.

Millions of American’s went outside in the middle of the day to take in the glorious solar eclipse. Some people were even lucky enough to see a total solar eclipse.

During the eclipse you weren’t supposed to look directly at the sun for a long time. If you did you could permanently damage your eyes. That’s why those eclipse glasses were so important.

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Are you afraid you damaged your eyes during the eclipse?

Well according to professor of optometry and vision science Ralph Chou told NPR that when you damage your retina from the eclipse it isn’t painful, but rather visible. The symptoms won’t be visible until 12 hours after the initial damage.

If you’re experiencing blurred vision, a spot or multiple spots at the center of your vision or a clear spot then you most likely have caused permanent damage.

But lets say you aren’t experiencing any of those symptoms but you’re still paranoid that you caused damaged because you took a quick glance at the eclipse without any glasses.

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Well turns out that the sun wasn’t stronger on the eclipse than a normal day. Not looking at the sun was such a big deal because every day you aren’t staring directly into the sun.

If you took a quick two second glance you’re fine. If you took a five second look it depends. Ten seconds you’re in danger of damage and 20 seconds is for sure too long.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms go see your doctor or an ophthalmologist ASAP.

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