This Girl Almost Died From Not Washing Her Makeup Brushes

Katie Wright experienced a horrifying incident that will haunt every beauty lover.

The 21-year-old felt a pimple forming near her eyebrow so she went to pop it. Popping zits is hugely frowned upon, but everyone does it even though they know it’s bad for your skin.

When she popped the zit she started experiencing immense pain and her face swelled. She said in a Facebook post that “It felt like something was going to burst out of my skin.”

Katie went to the hospital to find out what was wrong and found out that it wasn’t a zit she popped.

Turns out Katie had a bad case of Cellulitis, a version of Staph infection. Unlike Staph, Cellulitis affects the deep cellular tissue and doesn’t come to head.

Because her Cellulitis was on her face there was a high risk of it traveling to her eyes, which would cause her to go blind. Or it could have traveled to her brain killing her.

The cause of her Cellulitis? She said that her unclean eyebrow spoolie was the culprit. Katie said she avidly cleans her makeup brushes but never thought to disinfect her eyebrow spoolie.

Make sure to deep clean your brushes frequently, including your spoolie.

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