Lawrence From ‘Insecure’ Is SO Hot In Real Life–T/?taken-by=jayrellis

If you’re not watching HBO’s Insecure, then you’re in the minority. Yes, HBO has good shows that aren’t Game of Thrones.

Lawrence Walker is one of the main characters on Insecure and boy is he controversial. In the beginning of the show he was dubbed a nice boring guy who was mooching off of his girlfriend Issa Dee’s income. We saw the rise of Lawrence’s career and the downfall of his and Issa’s relationship along with his nice guy facade.

Season one ended with a bang, literally and viewers abruptly found out that nice guy Lawrence was no more. Now that Insecure is in its second season Lawrence is still straddling the line between fuck boy and nice guy.

Insecure fans are divided if they are #TeamLawrence, but I think we can all agree that he is HOT. Jay Ellis is the actor that artfully plays Lawrence and wow he is truly the highlight of Sunday nights.

When Lawrence’s nice guy image was ruined he glowed up. Jay worked hard for Lawrence’s on camera hotness spike. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.

It’s hard to look past all of Lawrence’s fuck boy tendency’s on the show to realize that Jay, the actor, is a total babe.

Jay’s IMDB page is pretty short, he hasn’t had many major roles. Before his titular role in Insecure his biggest role was starring in The Game.

But now Jay is forever cemented in Hollywood and in our hearts. We took the time to find Jay’s hottest Instagram posts. So scroll through the top and be prepared to have a whole new boy crush.

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