Two Texas State Students Gave Their Dorm Room The Best Transformation Ever

While going back to school is super exciting, the idea of living in a concrete, brick cell (aka the college dorm room) can leave a little more to be desired, especially when it comes to comfort and style.

Two girls at Texas State University outdid every single college dorm decorating attempt ever by transforming their 16-by-16-foot room with only $500.

The transformation took 20 hours, but from the looks of it, it was definitely worth it.

Adeline Vela and Skylar Bantz just recently met through TSU’s Class of 2021 Facebook page. They chatted for a while on Facebook and then decided to be roommates.

Bantz told¬†Teen Vogue, “We both had a similar style so we decided to focus first on a color scheme and go from there. We wanted something that was inviting, simple, but still elegant and comfortable.”

Mission accomplished, girls.


They first lofted the beds, applied peel and stick brick wallpaper to the walls and marble peel and stick to the desks. They swapped the average desk chairs provided and instead used acrylic monogrammed chairs. Under one of the beds, they added a white dresser with a TV and a Keurig machine for the go-to chill zone.


How did they stay under $500?

“We are pretty budget friendly, so most of the items we got were from Ikea, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond,” Bantz’s mother, Shelia Yarrab, shared.

They’ve seen a pretty good response from Texas State officials. Their RA told them that they had to take down a light hanging from one of the vents but otherwise, the university has asked if they could come by and take pictures for the TSU website.


This is definitely an upgrade. Good job, ladies!

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