These Brides Say They Were Discriminated Against While On Their Honeymoon

Lesbian couple Jo and Emma Louise Morris claimed that when they were on their honeymoon, only two days after tying the knot, the hotel staff discriminated against them for being gay.

The couple vacationed to Riviera Maya, Mexico and stayed at the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum Resort. When Jo referred to Emma as ‘my wife’ the staff there then called Jo a ‘f***ing dyke.’

Their recounts of their experience at the resort are truly outrageous. Emma told Femail that once the staff knew they were lesbians their whole experience changed.

Emma said, “We were ignored at the restaurant and weren’t allow to get our own drinks.” She recounted, “We would make contact with various waiters, raise our hands but they either went to a table that arrived after us or just simply stood at the bar and didn’t serve us.”

Emma said that when Jo would go to the bar to order drinks the bartender said they couldn’t and had to order them through their table server. Then the server would never come and take their order. This happened multiple times.

She also said that when Jo tried to order a drink at the pool bar the staff gave her a different drink and told her to have ‘what she’s given.’

When the couple found a broken glass ash tray on their balcony the hotel staff refused to come up and clean it. Jo accidentally stepped on a piece of glass and her foot was bleeding. They took photos of Jo’s foot for proof.

Emma said that they asked 13 staff members over a five day period to come clean up the glass on their balcony until it was finally cleaned. They also claimed that the hotel staff broke Emma’s hair straighteners. She found them broken and underneath a chair in their room despite leaving them in perfect condition.

The recently married couple are in the middle of trying to get refunded for their trip.

It sounds like this was a honeymoon from hell.

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