Women Have More Endurance Than Men, Says Science

Everyone has that one sexist uncle (or various other family members) that always goes on and on at family dinners about how men and women are built differently and that women are frailer than men and shouldn’t be competing in sports or do anything physical.


Well, your sexist uncle is right about one thing: women and men are built differently. A new study shows that women are not necessarily worse off from that.

A recent study published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism shows that women actually have higher muscle endurance than men.

The tests asked both men and women to perform foot flexing exercises that tested the muscle in the back of the leg typically used for walking and standing. The guys in the study were able to do it faster and more powerfully at first, but then they tired out. Women were able to do it for much longer.

This isn’t really all that surprising considering that women tend to feel less tired than men during things like trail running.

The study was very small, so there are definitely¬†other studies that can be done to expand upon this information. This study only tested a small muscle group but that didn’t mean that they didn’t get conclusive results.

The author of the study, Brian Dalton, assistant professor at University of British Columbia said in conclusion of that study that “in the battle of the sexes, new UBC research suggests that men might be physically stronger but women have much greater muscle endurance than their male counterpart.”

Tell us something we don’t know, Dalton. Who runs the world?

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