This Guy’s Darts-Themed Tinder Profile Is Genius

We’ve seen a number of unforgettable Tinder profiles. We’ve seen Jesus turn water into wine. We’ve seen rhinos get more likes in a day than I have in a month. This contender might have beat us all with his witty profile and smooth skills. All he needs is a dartboard and your attention.

No, you didn’t read wrong. Meet Jared. Before you make assumptions, his profile isn’t riddled with shirtless eye candy or horribly written pick-up lines that only work in films. It isn’t even filled with Netflix and chill offers or funny animal photos. All he has is a witty bio with photos to match.

His bio reads, “I call myself Jared, but you can call me tonight.”

Smooth. He could have stopped there. He could have called it a day and thrown any number of pictures that made him look hot, handsome, and everything in between. Instead, he made the perfect compilation of photos to show just how smooth he can be.

His first photo shows him aiming at his intended target. Judging by the dart in his hand, we can already assume it’s a dartboard. But if you took the time to scroll through his other photos, you’ll see that he was aiming at “your heart.” Even better, it seems as though he just hit the bullseye. Shot right through the heart. To make things even better, he ends his photos with an image of him smirking at the camera, as if he knows you’re about to swipe right.

Needless to say, Twitter was quick to react.


— rachael💗 (@dhsjsjsiaiaia) August 27, 2017

look you can tell he's happy with himself😂

— Nathan (@Nathanshark3y) March 6, 2017

that man smooth as cocoa butter

— Kyaw Zay ya (@BigBurma) March 6, 2017

If he’s this smooth on Tinder, imagine how he’d be in person…

Don’t mind me. I’m just going to fire up Tinder again and try my luck. Maybe this time I’ll find someone that puts some effort into their bio instead of using overused pickup lines on Yahoo answers.

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