A CNN Anchor Just Saved A Man’s Life On Live Television

You never know what you’re going to see when you’re watching live TV. Especially when there is live TV coverage a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey.

Drew Griffin, a CNN special unit news anchor, saved a man’s life while reporting about Hurricane Harvey on live TV.

The video starts with Drew exclaiming, “We just literally rescued this guy.” He’s standing on a bank with another CNN crew member and the man they save, a Winnie, Texas citizen Jerry . The man thought he was driving into a street, but it was really an over flooded ravine with 12 feet of raging water.

During the video segment you can see Jerry’s white truck floating away down the ravine. Drew is clearly shaken up and recounts what just happened live. Drew said that there was “no time to call 9-1-1.”

The full video is on CNN’s site. It shows the man, Jerry driving straight into the ravine and floating away. Drew and the rest of the crew quickly spring into action and grab some rope. They run over to his car and told Jerry to swim out. He followed direction and Drew threw the rope and pulled him up onto the dry bank. Jerry thanked the crew for saving his life.

Drew finished his segment by telling everyone to stay indoors. The conditions outside are life threatening and not worth the risk.

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