A High Schooler Is Fighting Her School’s Strict Dress Code









It was Pajama Day at Carl Albert High School in Midwest City, Oklahoma, which is pretty self explanatory. You wear your pajama’s to school. It’s a fun and most importantly super comfy day.

But for senior Duncan Cobb the comfy day turned into a stressful one when she got dress-coded. Duncan was wearing an XXXL t-shirt and a pair of pajama shorts. A teacher told her that her butt was visible and hanging out of her shorts. She was sent to the principal’s office.


Duncan had been hyper aware of her clothing choices because her dad is the superintendent of the school district and the school has a notoriously strict dress code. She was even told her behavior was “under a microscope.”

The principal told her she could either pull down her shorts or change clothes. Duncan told babe, “My outfit wasn’t breaking the rules, it wasn’t inappropriate, it wasn’t disruptive to anyone.” Her school’s dress code goes by the finger rule. When your arms are at your side and fingers are straight, clothing must not be shorter than your finger tips. Duncan posted photos proving her outfit wasn’t breaking the dress code.


Duncan created a petition to revise the school’s strict dress code. The petition statement is powerful and states, “Both men and women attend school to learn, and are fully capable of doing so no mater what the opposite sex may be wearing that day.”

Not all of her classmates have been on board with her petition. It was only her eighth day at her new high school and a lot of the students feel like it’s not her place to come in and change things.

But Duncan sticking up to the sexist dress code has also inspired students to speak up as well.

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