Drake Bell & Josh Peck Ended Their Brotherly Drama & Now We Want A Series Reboot











The fight that wrecked all of our childhood memories. Drake Bell wasn’t invited to Josh Peck’s wedding in June. Drake didn’t take this lightly and started some drama with his former Drake & Josh brother.

The feud spiraled quickly. There were tweets exchanged, passive aggressive Instagram’s posted and most of all broken hearts everywhere.

Drake & Josh

Drake eventually cleared the air and said there was no bad blood between the two. Fans weren’t buying it, but now we all have closure to the drama.

Over the weekend Drake and Josh came face to face at the VMAs and they hugged it out. They both posted the photos on their Instagram’s with the same caption.


All good Drake & Josh fans know that hugging was a staple in the stepbrother’s relationship. It hit their fans right in the feels.

Drake & Josh

Fans thought that was the end of the closure, but oh are they wrong. Today Josh posted a vlog on his YouTube channel of a Drake & Josh reunion. Josh who is an avid vlogger filmed almost the entire VMAs.

He snuck up on Drake and he freaked out. They hugged and told fans to lay off and that there’s only love between the two. Then after his VMA recap, him and Josh had a formal reunion.

They even made a wedding joke to show fans that it truly is nothing but love. In a behind the scene’s video it shows the two really reminiscing about the good old Nickelodeon days.

The two are really good! Drake even sang some of the theme song. Now fans just need a Drake & Josh reunion stat.

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