This ‘It’ Themed Photoshoot Is So Real It Will Give You The Chills

It is a staple horror movie. The classic scary movie is getting the reboot treatment and somehow Hollywood has managed to make the new It look scarier than ever before.

Now a whole new generation is getting exposed to Pennywise, the killer clown that causes all the horror in the movie. What better way to honor the iconic terrifying clown than have a scary photoshoot.

Mississippi teen Eagan Tilghman dressed his three-year-old brother Louie up as Pennywise. The only thing scarier than a killer clown is a pint-size child killer clown.

The photos are truly terrifying, Stephen King would be proud.


Eagan is a huge fan of It, the movie and the book. This isn’t the first time he’s dressed Louie up as Pennywise.


Louie is a perfect model, he truly does look like a scary movie killer.


Eagan’s face painting skills are so on point because he is also an artist. He posts his drawings on his Instagram. The It cosplay photoshoot was stemmed from another one he did of the Joker. His other younger brother, Hosea loves the Batman villain and wanted Eagan to paint his face. So he did and dressed Louie up too.

To be fair Louie is SUPER cute when Eagan doesn’t dress him up as iconic villains.

This cosplay is amazing, but also super creepy.

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