Twitter Is In Love With This Guy Who Fed His Girlfriend Chicken Nuggets While She Got A Manicure

If this doesn’t scream relationship goals than I don’t know what else will. Lea Adame, from Orange County, was getting her nails done when she witnessed a dream boyfriend in real life.

The manicurist next to her was doing her son’s girlfriend nails. During his girlfriend’s manicure he was feeding her chicken nuggets. This was also the first time the manicurist, Molly was meeting her son’s girlfriend!

Lea told BuzzFeed, “What guy will go to a nail salon with a girl, let alone will feed her food while there?” Lea called him a keeper and I have to agree. She snapped a picture of the adorable scene and posted it on Twitter. Lea and I are not alone with thinking this was the best display of #BoyfriendGoals.

The new girlfriend, Aubrey saw the viral tweet and flipped out because it was of her and her new boyfriend Sam Huynh.

The happy couple only made their relationship Instagram official a few days ago.

This relationship is still so fresh and he’s already feeding her chicken nuggets at the nail salon. I think their foundation of their relationship is solid and they’ll last a long time.

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