This Obama Rendition Of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Might Be Better Than The Original

While public opinion of Taylor Swift right now is nearly as split as our broken country Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, Barack Obama still manages to conjure up a hazy memory of comfort and relief for many Americans.

Swift has been accused by some of using words frequented by sexual and physical abusers and of settling into the role of the victim in “Look What You Made Me Do,” her first single in years. However, splicing Obama’s words into the song suddenly makes the record-smashing single more likable and meaningful, even profound.

Of course, Barry slays the spoken word part, trading “Why? Oh, she’s dead!” for “Why? Cuz he’s out now.”

I am sorry to tell you, former Mr. President, that you are NOT the actor starring in my bad dreams (though you are more than welcome to come back from the dead at any time.)

Watch the full video below and appreciate the hours of work that likely went into making it.


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