Patrick Starrr Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Patrick Worth Right Now?

Chances are if you are into makeup then you’ve heard of Patrick Starrr. Who would have thought that a YouTuber who created an account four years ago would be this big? Starrr is absolutely killing the beauty game.

Four years later, how much is Starrr worth?

As of 2018, Starrr’s estimated net worth is $300,000.

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere. Let’s see how Patrick Starrr got to where he is now.


Growing up in Orlando Florida, Starrr found his passion for photography, makeup and hair after he spent his days editing makeup on images. He says that he didn’t have any sisters growing up, so he practiced on his mom when he could. When his mother wasn’t around for him to practice on he just practiced on himself, improving his skill even further. Eventually, he got a job working for M.A.C as a freelance on-call makeup artist. Starrr says that he was without work for a while and that’s when he started his YouTube channel at age 21. His first video gained over 2,000 views in just a couple days. Then, in a twist of fate, well-known YouTuber Talia Joy liked one of his videos before she passed away from a rare form of nerve cancer.

2014 – 2016

After gaining popularity, Starrr continued earning thousands of followers every month. He eventually quit his job at M.A.C to commit to YouTube full time and went into business for himself. Starrr was able to pack up and move, leaving Orlando behind in favor of relocating to sunny Los Angeles where he developed a genderless, judgement free platform and fostered a close friendship with another well-known YouTube star, MannyMua. Starrr collaborated with Sephora’s nail polish brand Formula X and gained a sponsorship with the big makeup brand Benefit Cosmetics.


Starrr doesn’t plan on stopping. His YouTube channel isn’t like all the others, either. He doesn’t just do makeup and transformations on himself. Starrr shows his skills by doing makeup on other people. He’s a professional makeup artist, and he’s proved this time and time again by working with famous celebs Jessie J, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian West. Recently, Starrr hosted the NYX Face Awards, an award show for local makeup artists that make it to the finals by showing off their amazing makeup skills. Starrr has already collaborated with the popular makeup brand Morphe. Now there’s talk that he’s collaborating with the makeup brand that you’ll most likely see in every makeup bag: Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Starrr continues to ignore the haters and does what he loves with his closest friends by his side.

He is all about positivity and growing as a person despite people’s harsh words and criticisms. Starrr has said that he needed a reason to do makeup, and YouTube had become the perfect reason.


Patrick Starr finally went to the Philippines After successful launch and reception in the US, MAC’s collab.

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