Missouri Mom Is Donating Her Breast Milk To A Great Cause


Danielle Palmer has been faced with a problem with no solution. Her son Truett was born with a congenital heart defect and because of that he can’t breast feed. Danielle has been pumping her own breast milk, but still finds that she has way too much. But now she has a solution.

Danielle’s brilliant plan is to donate her stored milk to families in Houston that have been affect by Hurricane Harvey.

She told TODAY that she was pumping and freezing her breast milk for three months while Truett was unable to eat. Danielle was donating her surplus of milk to local organizations that benefit her community in Missouri. It wasn’t until Truett’s speech therapist, Nicole Edwin asked Danielle is she was interested in donating to the families affected from Hurricane Harvey.


Nicole is part of an organization called Guiding Star Mid-Missouri. They were on the hunt for donations centered around babies and families.

Obviously, Danielle thought that was a great idea. So many families lost their breast pumps and milk supplies in the floods and are desperate to feed their kids. So far Danielle has donated a total of 1,040 ounces of breast milk to Houston. She posted the cooler filled with milk on her Facebook.

Danielle figured that this would be enough for 346 feedings, because typically a baby drinks three ounces in one feeding. On top of her own breast milk Danielle has also donated baby formula and bottles of water.

She got word that her breast milk arrived safely and still frozen in Texas.

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