Beyoncé’s Birthday Cake Cost More Than Your Average Birthday Party

Beyoncé wanted a cake that was fit for Queen Bey and boy did she get one. Beyoncé turned 36 over the weekend during her husband Jay-Z’s Made In America music festival. Jay asked festival goers to sing “Happy Birthday” to Bey, it was super cute.

To celebrate her birthday she ordered a cake from Cake Life Bake Shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it cost a pretty penny. The three tier cake put Beyoncé back $3,5000.

That’s right, $3,500 for a cake! Something that would be eaten and gone before the day was up. I do have to say the cake is amazing. It is a black, white and gold geode cake, which are all the rage right now.

Shop co-owners Lil Fischer told Philly Magazine that they got a mysterious order a few weekends ago. The only knew that a black and yellow geode cake needed to be made and delivered to MIA on Sunday. The cake alone is $3,5000, but it wasn’t the only thing Cake Life Bake Shop created for the Carters.

They also made cookies shaped in gold crowns and beehives. BeyHive is what Queen Bey’s fanbase is called so beehive cookies are fitting. Lily said that they were given total creative freedom with the designs, “We wanted to keep it class and cool. Everything was Queen Bey-ified, if you will,” she said.

The cake took a minimum two days. It was three tiers of honey and lavender flavored cake, edible crystals that create the geode look and a crown similar to the one she wore at the Grammy’s earlier this year.

The cake really was fit for Queen Bey.

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