The Biggest Difference Between High School & College

High school and college are vastly different. There are the obvious differences like living in a dorm, the party scene and not waking up super early for class. But new college freshmen are realizing that there are way more differences

Freshmen are noticing that college isn’t everything their high school warned them about. Mostly that professors aren’t as strict as their high school teachers made them out to be. You can totally miss class without a sick note, get extra credit and be friends with your professor.

College professors are way chiller than high school teachers.

This one is too real. Professors don’t have time to read 30 eight page essays.

Another big difference is that college professors have tenor and high school teachers do not. So professors can express their opinion without fearing being fired.

Remember how your teachers said that you HAD to know MLA formatting for college?

College is nothing like high school and nothing will prepare you properly for high education. You just have to jump in head first and swim your way to finish line. It may take you four year or five, but you’ll get there. So just keep hitting the snooze button and tweeting with your classes hashtag for participation points. Soak in the college life freshmen!

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