Twitter Loves This Boyfriend Who Bought His Girlfriend An Aloe Leaf

Tyler Brooks tweeted out a gift he bought for his girlfriend, Kai Hawkins. It wasn’t your average lame boyfriend gift. There were no chocolates, flowers or a stuffed bear.

He bought his girlfriend of four years a single aloe vera leaf. He tweeted a picture of the gift and it went viral.

What’s better than getting your girl some flowers…..

— NGA (@TacTheDJ) September 3, 2017

Tyler told BuzzFeed News that he bought the aloe because he knew Kai is really into skin and hair care at the moment. She always wanted to grow her own aloe plant so he made it happen. “She was so excited that she dropped a tear,” he said.

The couple’s happy that the aloe leaf has gained so much attention. Kai especially happy about the viral tweet. Tyler said, “Her exact words were ‘aww she’s famous.'” Kai even named her plant Liz.

His viral tweet has also become a thread for how to grow and take care of aloe plants.'s Aloe Vera. You can use that plant for basically anything for your body, acne remover, healing cuts, etc..

— ً (@94lvs) September 4, 2017

You can also plant just that leaf and make more aloe

— gras (@_graaas) September 4, 2017

This bad boy started from just a leaf!

— gras (@_graaas) September 4, 2017

It's best with a leaf that is taken from the base of the plant and as in tact as possible, but place in sandy soil and water infrequently

— gras (@_graaas) September 4, 2017

i need tips girl mine won't spread

— ariel🧜🏼‍♀️ (@arieledwardss) September 4, 2017

Yours looks so healthy!!! Try repotting! Many plants will not outgrow their containers

— gras (@_graaas) September 5, 2017

How often do you guys water it? I recently got one & I started to water it once a week but I read that it should be watered every couple wks

— Bri (@blueskyy37) September 5, 2017

👀Yall made me want to start a greenhouse full of this holy plant…

— 🌩 (@Dominick_garxia) September 5, 2017

Guys are LEGITIMATELY taking gift giving notes from this tweet. They are learning so much.

Needless to say his gift had 100 percent approval from the internet.

give a girl a flower and she'll smile for a few days. give a girl an aloe vera stem and she'll have soothed skin for a lifetime

— Emma Woodward (@em__woody) September 5, 2017

— RAWR XD (@DrRonaldReagan) September 4, 2017

If your man is giving you flowers tell him to step his game up.

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