This Hilarious Letter From The ‘Tooth Fairy’ Is A Must-Read

Remember when you were a kid and still believed in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus? Kids are so gullible, bless their naïve hearts. But that means parents can take advantage of their innocent hearts. That is exactly what Henry and Emma Warren did with their eight year old son Sam.

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Sam recently lost his tooth and like every young kid he was visited by the tooth fairy. Sam’s tooth fair visit was a tad different. Instead of getting a few dollars or a little gift he got a stern letter from the tooth fairy.

Turns out Sam is not the best at brushing his teeth. His parents took advantage of his tooth fairy moment to teach him a lesson or two.

The formal letter started by telling Mr. Warren that his tooth has been received and “it is being duly processed in our system.” The letter than went on to explain why he didn’t receive full payment for his tooth. “Mr. Warren, I have to inform you that this is due to the condition in which we found said tooth,” the note read.

The tooth fairy then went into great detail about how the condition of his tooth could have in better condition if he used “appropriate brushing technique.” The note then told Sam he must start brushing his teeth properly immediately.

Sam’s note ended with the tooth fairy telling him that this one time they will accept a tooth in such poor condition. If the next tooth they receive is in the same or worse condition they will be no payment.

Parents think Henry and Emma’s letter is genius.

Looks like the tooth fairy is going to have a mean streak. Get to brushing kiddos.

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