This News Anchor Amazingly Saved Two Dolphins In The Middle Of Reporting


Daily Mail

Hurricane Irma has plowed through southern Florida and the aftermath is horrendous. Floridians were instructed to evacuate the peninsula meanwhile reporters and hospital workers stayed behind to help and report on the hurricane.

Reporters have truly been doing the most to get coverage on the hurricane. But MSNBC’s Kerry Sanders was reporting on Marco Island after the hurricane and was stopped mid report to help save a dolphin and a baby dolphin’s life. Kerry stopped his reporting and his film crew caught the dolphin’s rescue live.

The good samaritan, Mark, led Kerry to the baby dolphin. He was washed ashore and disoriented from the hurricane’s fierce wavs. In the video Sanders said “We’ve been trying to give this little dolphin, which is no doubt exhausted by the hurricane, an opportunity to catch its strength.”

Daily Mail

The two kept trying to slowly and carefully lead the baby dolphin back to the water. But clearly the animal was distressed and tired. After waiting for 15 minutes, with Kerry and Mark watching over the baby, it finally went back into the ocean.

But Kerry’s heroic live stream wasn’t over yet. About 30 minutes after saving the baby dolphin a larger adult dolphin was found on shore. Kerry and six other people joined together to save the helpless dolphin.

Daily Mail

The group kept pouring water on the dolphin to keep it alive. They eventually picked the dolphin up and released it into the ocean. Kerry noted that the adult swam easily into the water unlike the baby. The baby was clearly more distressed.

Daily Mail

The storm surge from Hurricane Irma is what caused these dolphins to be washed up on the shores of Marco Island. The video of the rescue is truly heart warming.

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