A Mom Turned Her Daughter’s Room Into A Doggy Paradise









This is what happens when you leave home for college kids. Someone will take over you bedroom, even your own dog will claim your space. That is what happened to Maddie, a freshmen at Texas A&M University, when she left the nest.

Her one-year-old pup, Nina was her dog but her mom, Rosie has sort have taken Nina for herself. Maddie told BuzzFeed News, “Originally we bought the dog for me, it was my Christmas present.”


Even before Maddie left for school her mom basically claimed Nina. “Ever since we got her, my mom had been completely in love,” she says her mom spoils the dog. “Nina is literally her third child.”

When Maddie left last month for school her mom told her that she was going to re-do her room and make it Nina’s room. Maddie always took it as a joke until she told her mom she was coming home for a weekend to visit. That’s when her mom sent her photos of her former room.


Her mom completely re-did her room for Nina. She even bought a new bedspread and chair for the dog’s new room. Nina’s room looks great and Twitter users agree. It’s about time doggy rooms become a thing.




Nina is so cute I would let the whole room thing slide.

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