This #SameBae Twitter Thread Is Basically A Sequel To ‘John Tucker Must Die’



Twitter use Ayana posted an epic thread about how she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. This is a wild ride with great usage of GIF’s. Ayana starts her thread with a high drama tweet. “When a girl wants to show you a picture of her fine n***a in her phone and she starts pullin up YOUR mans IG page.” The story takes many wild twists and turns, so strap in for the #SameBae thread.

The girl wasn’t a total random, it’s someone who she works with and was her work BFF. She just started waitressing at this restaurant a few weeks ago so her boyfriend hasn’t met any of her coworkers yet. But she instantly clicked with this one coworker.

Last week the BFF coworker was showing her new man to everyone. But Ayana was so busy waitresses she wasn’t one of the lucky one’s to take a look at the friend’s new boo. This week a cute man walked in and that reminded work BFF that she hasn’t shown Ayana her new man so she goes and pulls up his Instagram.

Ayana stays cool and doesn’t say anything because she wants all the details.

She white lies and says she went to middle school and high school together. She keeps asking her coworker questions about how they met and what their relationship status was.

The coworker responds, “Girl that’s just my boo but we talk everyday we might as well be together.” Ayana still keeps her cool. I don’t know how but she does it. She calls an Uber and asks her coworker where she lives, turns out in the same town so they split the ride.

In the uber the coworker is telling Ayana how her and her boo have had such a good year together. Meanwhile Ayana and him have been together for three years. That’s a third of the relationship he was cheating on her. She somehow manages to NOT SAY ANYTHING STILL. They pull up to Ayana’s apartment complex and turns out the coworker lives six houses down.

But now Ayana knows that she has never been over her house. Meaning that her boyfriend has been walking his ass down the street to cheat on her. She is playing her coworker so hard, she asks her where her man lives.

They walk up to Ayana’s house and her boyfriend is home! He usually works late so she wasn’t expecting this, but is excited to ambush and expose him.

Seriously the anticipation of drama is killing me. But oh it’s glorious. Ayana played her cards rights.

Ayana tells her coworker to leave and she legit gets up and leaves with her wine glass. I would be booking it out of there too. She kicked her ex to the curb and told him to pack his shit up. Her coworker didn’t show up to the shift they shared the next day. But Ayana cleaned up her mess with her coworker and truly came out on top.

Ayana could have easily told her coworker and share the exposing, but instead she exposed two people for the price of one. And she didn’t blame her coworker for cheating because she got played too. This is the Twitter thread is truly unbelievable.

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