This Makeup Artist Is Facing Backlash For Her Hurricane Irma Inspired Makeup Look


North America has endured two brutal hurricane’s back-to-back. First there was Hurricane Harvey that flooded Houston, Texas and wrecked havoc for miles. Hurricane Irma quickly followed and caused serious damage to the Caribbean Islands and southern Florida.

The before and after photos of the affected areas have been heartbreaking and surreal. Millions of dollars have been raised for the victims of the hurricanes. Countless people have lost their lives, homes and belongings. So when Kali Harlow posted a makeup look inspired be a satellite photo of Hurricane Irma people were not happy. They deemed this as being completely insensitive to the people affected by the hurricane.

Her tweet read, “Remember in the eye of the storm, God remains in control,” with two photos. One of her beat face and Hurricane Irma inspired makeup and the other of the photo of Hurricane Irma that this look was based on.

Twitter users were quick to jump in Kali’s mentions.

In the responses to this tweet are MANY discussions about God’s role in this hurricane. It’s a wild thread to read. I think this response, opinions and beliefs aside, sums up why this tweet was inappropriate.

Kali has responded to the quick and fierce negative reaction to her tweet. She still seems to not get it. She apologizes for her look but also doesn’t understand how it is insensitive to the people affected by the hurricane. You can tell by the way she addresses her apology.

She then continues her apology by saying that she knows people who are throwing hurricane parties and making memes of the storm, but she is the only one getting criticized for her actions and it isn’t fair.

Listen, Kali sweetie, just because other people are being insensitive doesn’t mean you have to be too. It also doesn’t excuse you of your actions.

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