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Nicole Guerriero Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Nicole Worth Right Now?


Nicole Guerriero is a name that you’ve probably seen on YouTube, especially if you’re a member of the beauty community. Guerriero has forged her own path as a total individual and you can often find her following her own instincts to rocking purple, blue, or pink hair… or whatever color she’s in the mood for that day. If you’re not a makeup lover, you may have come across her crazy Halloween makeup tutorials. Fans might have had the chance to meet her in person or just purchased her highlighter palette. Either way, this YouTube sensation with over 2.8 million followers has been keeping it real for eight years.

Like many entrepreneurs, Guerriero started with just a laptop and a dream and that dream has skyrocketed into YouTube stardom. What’s that worth, you ask? Well, when she first started… nothing, zip, zilch.

As of 2017, Nicole Guerriero’s Estimated Net Worth is $600,000.

Now back in the beginning, Guerriero did not have the enormous social media following she has now, but again, she had to start somewhere, right?

2010 – 2012

Before becoming a YouTube Star, Guerriero worked various restaurant jobs, including the five years that she spent working for BJ’s Brewhouse. In addition, she also worked as a bartender. Who would have thought that a YouTube Star like Guerriero started out by balancing a hot plate of food?

Guerriero is always very open about her previous jobs. She says that retail jobs never worked out for her because she didn’t like being told what to do.

She wanted a job that would allow her to be her own boss, which is why she created a YouTube channel back in 2010 talking about her “Everyday/Work Quick but CUTE Makeup.”


🦄💗 | you know I filmed it. — VIDEO IS UP ON MY CHANNEL

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Growing up in Tampa, Florida, Guerriero found a passion for makeup and hair. When she was little, she says her mother didn’t allow her to wear makeup until she was 16 years old. As soon as she turned 16, there was no stopping her. From there, she found a new passion of picking up the camera and vlogging her life. Eventually, her videos led to success and recognition.

In 2013, Guerriero was named “Best Beauty Guru” by Ryan Seacrest and saw some new opportunities.

2014 – 2016

8 years strong today. 🖤 @jeremykeating

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The beauty vlogger bought an apartment in sunny Los Angeles with her long-term boyfriend, Jeremy Keating, and close friends, Carli Bybel and Brett Cap, who are also well-known YouTube creators. These two couples don’t live in their shared home permanently, they do stay at the abode when they visit Los Angeles for business.

2017 – Present


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Still residing in Tampa, Guerriero’s YouTube channel continues to grow every month. She recently collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills and created a popular glow kit, which sold out in stores. We’re positive that there will be more collaborations with different brands in the future for Guerriero.

At the moment, Nicole Guerriero’s Benefit Cosmetics Kit is now available in local Sephora stores. Guerriero is living her dream and of course, she has no boss to report to.