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This College Graduate Lost A Bet & Had To Retake The ACT


This might be the cruelest thing I’ve read in a long time. Adam McPherson, who is a 23-years-old college graduate had to retake the ACT. Even when I was in high school and had to take the ACT for college I wasn’t thrilled about it. Doing it years later and for no reason seems almost hell like.


The bet Adam lost was coming in last place in his friend group’s fantasy football league. The league has been going on for four years but it wasn’t until recently that the loser has to take the ACT. Truly a heinous punishment.

As a refresher the ACT is a four and a half hour test that tests you on your english, math, reading, science and an optional writing. The ACT  also has registration fees. The test can cost anywhere from $29 to $62 depending on when you sign up. The worst part about the test is that it starts at 8 AM on a Saturday.

But nonetheless, Adam prevailed and stuck with his punishment. His friends were going to tailgate outside the school he was testing at but they didn’t want to wake up that early. But don’t worry they tweeted about the punishment.

Adam told BuzzFeed that he felt out of place surrounded by teenagers and got some stares. He said that he “kind of tried” but doesn’t think he did better than a 19. Adam said he got a 24 out of 36 and doesn’t think he’ll top that now. Most of the test just reminded him “how kind of useless all that stuff is,” referring to math and science portions of the test.

Either way this is a fantastic burn and punishment rolled into one. He hasn’t posted his test score, but the lower the better.

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