A College Student Was Hit In The Head With A Ceiling Tile During Class & Twitter Has Lost It

If you’re already racked with tuition bills that you will likely be paying off for the rest of your life, this tweet will resonate with you.

A college student at Purdue University Indianapolis tweeted out that he was hit in the head with a falling ceiling tile during art class. The student, 18-year-old Austin Flores, is totally fine — but his tweet has racked up 10,000 likes and people are berating him for wasting a golden opportunity.

“It didn’t hurt at all because it was wet and so the material softened up,” Flores told BuzzFeed News, who discovered the tweet. “I’m pretty sure it was a leaky pipe and the tile just got soggy and fell on my head.”

Be that as it may, Twitter is aghast that Flores isn’t using the “blessing from God” to sue the school for damages and get tuition covered — or maybe the down payment on a first house.

His tweet has managed to bring out both the best and the worst of Twitter simultaneously, and the replies are nothing short of extraordinary. People are envisioning how far they would go to get money out of the accident — and what they would do with it once they won it.






Flores did inform his school about the damages, but he is not blaming the university for any wrong-doing.

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