Parsons Green Bombing: Must-See Photos, Videos & Details

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This morning at 8:20 AM GMT an explosion occurred on a subway car at the Parsons Green station in west London. The bomb has been labeled a terrorist attack. Terror attacks in the United Kingdom has significantly increased this year.

According to BuzzFeed News the police said that bomb that caused the damage was an “improvised explosive device.” The police haven’t arrested anyone yet in connection to the attack and no terrorist group has claimed the attack.

Officials are saying that no one has died from the attack but 22 people have been taken to the hospital from burns. Reports are saying that the person or people responsible for this attack were not injured in the explosion. They left the explosion, which was in a bucket, at the stop and left. Other’s are fearful that there are more bombs through out the subway.

London Tube Terror Attack: What We Know

Here's what you need to know so far about the London tube terror attack.

Posted by BuzzFeed UK News on Friday, September 15, 2017

The self made bomb was on a timer and purposively placed in the morning to attack mass amount of people heading to work and school. When the IED detonated it was claimed to turn into a fireball but didn’t have the force of a concussive blast. Concussive blasts are usually what cause mass amounts of deaths and injuries in attacks, so that is why only 22 or so were injured and no one has died.

President Donald Trump tweeted about this grave manor by calling the terrorist a “loser” and “sick and demented.”

In his tweet he also said the terrorists “were in the sights of Scotland Yard” which people are questioning that he is leaking intelligence or spurring on lies in the middle of an active investigation.

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